Unity Tutorial – Failed to Download Data File (2)

Unity Web Player


unity web player error message

Solution for website admins only

  1. Locate the web.config file in your website’s root folder

2. In the web.config file, between the <staticContent> and </staticContent> brackets, write this line of code:

<mimeMap fileExtension=”.unity3d” mimeType=”TYPE/SUBTYPE” />

3. Now the Unity Web Player should work

if your problem has the same cause as mine

If you don’t understand where the root folder exists, or where to actually insert the line of code, then skip to 4:36 in this video:

When this has been fixed, the game should load up right away, like the game at the end of the video does. Try it HERE

Art of Rolling screenshot

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    • You don’t necessarily have to own the website, but you must have administrator-access to the files it’s made up of in order to edit the code in the web.config file. At least this is the case to fix the specific problem I encountered when finding this solution.

    • Oh, so you mean you didn’t even have the patience to read 7 or 8 lines of text until you came to the sentence where it says:

      “If you don’t understand where the root folder exists, or where to actually insert the line of code, then skip to 4:36 in this video:”

      Because, you know, at that point in the embedded video I literally show you where to find it.

  2. My website doesn´t have this file in its root or anywhere else. The configurations of my website is all based on php. I’ve searched inside all of my php files but none of then has this line. You know other way or other place where i can put this line? I even created the web.config file, but it didn’t worked as well.

    • Hi Ricardo! I’m sorry, but I have no knowledge about php. However, my guess is that if there really is no web.config file in your site’s code, then most likely there’s something else wrong. As far as I know, there are a hundred and one potential different reasons why the Unity Player doesn’t work, and the solution I present here is just one of them.

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