Static Mesh

Health Pick-Up Mesh Pack

[Tested with Unreal Engine 4 vrs. 4.12]

Free simple Health Pick Up static mesh + a pick-up sound FX. The package also includes the .blend file (for the 3D software Blender) and the gimp file, in case you want to make changes to it.

health pick up static mesh
The Health pick up mesh



Simply drag the files into the Unreal Engine 4 content browser, and use them. But remember: The mesh is tiiiiny, so you’ll have to make it bigger in order to fit the UE4 unit standard. You’ll figure it out. Click the download button to get the health pack:



Ugly PC Monitor Static Mesh

[Tested with Unreal Engine 4 vrs. 4.12]

A free and extremely low poly, un-textured PC monitor static mesh, created as an asset for one of my tutorials. The download is just the .fbx file:


The Ugly PC Monitor seen from different angles. Oh yeah!

Simply drag the file into the Unreal Engine 4 content browser, and use it for whatever you want.


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4 Replies to “Static Mesh”

      • Hi Ben,

        I love your tutorials.
        I am learning a lot through your videos.
        I have used the same Ugly PC monitor in AR handheld template and it’s not working after packaging it into an android application.
        Does Ugly PC monitor work in AR?

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