The UMG / UI section has now been split in two: One for Unreal Motion Graphics, and one for User Interface. Hover your mouse over the UMG/UI-tab and choose the one you’d like to check out – or just simply click the respective names in bold!

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2 Replies to “UMG / UI”

  1. Hi! Great Tutorial. Just what I needed to get me started. A few things I could recommend:
    Having a level as a game is great for having a nice home-screen, but if you want to have a menu accessible from every level, you should create and manage your widget from within your player controller class. If you still have the default player controller create a new blueprint and select player controller. Note that you should make the graph in the event graph, not the construction graph (there is no create widget there).
    I see you create a dummy button to solve the problem of the mouse disappearing. Seems kind of hackish to me. I tried a GridPanel instead and it also works. I think it is a bug in UE though.
    Lastly, you set colors to -1 in your second video. I would just use 0. -1 might actually subtract colors and that’s not what you want.
    I just tried to get one step further to show and hide my menu with a key-stroke. you can add an key-input event in your player controller to show the menu, but then you cannot hide it anymore, because you set input to UI only. To solve this the Widget must intercept key event. In the Widget blueprint in the “MyBlueprint” section, right click on the “On key down”-interface function and select make an implementation. Here you can handle key down events and send an custom event (you have to define the event youtself) to the player controller to hide the menu again.

    • Greetings Revaro!

      Thanks a bunch for your feedback + some great suggestions that both I and others will find helpful. Mucho appreciated 🙂

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