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Jack Walsh is a FPS game project I worked on in 2012. It was created in UDK and never finished because I wanted to start using Unreal Engine 4 instead, which of course is lightyears ahead of UDK. However, I’m making this level available for all to enjoy if they so choose, so feel free download the game demo if you want to give it a try 🙂

Here’s a showcase / playthrough of the level:

When you pick up the weapon, AweGun, remember to mouse scroll in order to change from the hand, Miracle Hand, to the gun. The AweGun is a machine gun when fired with the Left mouse button, and a shotgun when fired with the Right mouse button.

If you get stuck, simply push ESC and restart the game.

To download the demo, click this button:



Earlier versions of the game project can be seen in these videos:

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