Blueprint Classes

This section’s focus is how to create different kinds of Blueprint Classes for Unreal Engine 4.

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UE4 Tutorial | 2 Ways to Open a Website In-game

In this Unreal Engine 4-tutorial we’ll look at 2 ways for the Player to trigger a browser to open a specific website – from within the game. One is to simply trigger the site to open automatically; the other is to create buttons using UMG, where the Player can choose whether to open the website or not.

Two written┬átutorials of this video’s content exist:

  1. Open a Website In-game with a Trigger Box
  2. Open a Website In-game Using UMG Buttons

UE4 Blueprint Class Tutorial – How to Create a Collapsing Scene / Level

Here we’ll take a look at how you easily can create a pretty cool scene/level/room where stuff is falling down, collapsing and being fractured when the room is shaking and rumbling.

As I mention in the end of the video, this collapsing scene could be really cool as the last room in a level, where the Player must run like hell to reach the exit, while stuff is crashing all around. Even cooler is it if the Player activates a timer which will self-destruct the level unless he reaches the end on time. You can find an idea for how to create such a timer in the next tutorial:

UE4 Tutorial – Countdown and Self-destruct Level

Learn how to create a simple countdown leading to the level quitting, by creating a blueprint class with a timer, text, collision box and a static mesh.

Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint Class Tutorial – In-game Pop-up Text

In this tutorial we’ll look at one way to display text in the game – not printed to the screen via a HUD (or by using the “Print string”-option I show in the tutorial underneath this one, but actually live in the game as a message that pops up when picking up a key or opens a door, etc.


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