Sound and Music

Unreal Engine 4 tutorials dealing with sound design, sound effects and the likes.

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial | Beginning Sound Design / Sound Editing & Mixing

In this Unreal Engine 4 tutorial we’ll use sound effects from free sound fx asset packages to edit and create sounds for a free FPS starter pack level. We’ll be looking at how to modify, tweak and re-design the sounds by editing the effects in Sound Cue Editor, specifically using Enveloper, Oscillator, Delay, Random and Mixer, and then implementing the sounds where they fit to function correctly in the game.

Download the asset packages we use here (links open in new tabs):
General Sound FX Package 1
Female Character Voice Pack
Free FPS Starter Kit

Once these are downloaded, and you have the FPS starter kit up and running, you’re ready to start the tutorial 🙂

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial – Add Sound to Triggered Animation

Learn how to add and play sound effects in-game when touching a trigger.

UE4 Tutorial – Output Message to Screen + Modify Sound

In this tutorial I’m taking a look at how to display a simple text message on the screen when hitting a trigger, and also how to change the pitch on added sound.

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2 Replies to “Sound and Music”

  1. Dear Tesla: After imported Music .wav file into UE4 I always heard music from background of UE4 editor even I did not finish blueprint yet. How to stop the music during editing.

    • I’m sorry, but Tesla will probably never answer you here – as this is my site, lol.

      However, regarding you problem: That’s one strange thing. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Could it perhaps be that you turned on the music in the editor (you know, previewed it), and then forgot to turn it off again – this would leave it playing, I guess.

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