Free downloadable textures – click the image to open the original file.

Transparent textures intended for use as HUD/UMG elements in games:

“Damage Taken” texture:









“Damage Taken – You are Dead!” texture:









“Super Jump!” Pick-up HUD-texture:








“Safe Zone” and “Danger Zone” 

DangerZone SafeZone








Test | Note / Letter – UMG element texture











Main Menu – “Complete” Texture + Sound-Package:

Example set-up of the title menu.
Example set-up of the title menu.
Example set-up of the options menu.
Example set-up of the options menu.

This is a package aimed at helping you get and/or try out ideas for your own game’s main menu. The package includes button-images, backgrounds and sound effects + background music for the title menu. Here you can see what you get:

All the content
All the content.
Option-buttons for adjusting the resolution.
Option-buttons for adjusting the resolution.
Title menu-buttons.
Title menu-buttons.












Download the package (of course it’s FREE!) by clicking the download button:



Animated video background texture for the menu content above:

A quick moving background texture image intended to be used as an example for a menu of some sort. The dimensions are 1440 x 1080, filetype .wmv. Created in Blender, rendered as images and finally assembled and rendered as a movie with Movie Studio 13 Platinum. It goes from dense to less dense and back again, as these images illustrate:

animated mainmenu background image





Click this button to download the animated background texture:


Pause Menu – “Complete” Texture + Sound-Package:

This is the Pause Menu package intended to be used with the Main Menu package content above. The images show the content of the .zip folder. Simply click the download button to get it.

PauseMenu Buttons PauseMenu_zip contents




Simple Dialogue Texture Pack

(as with most of the textures on this page, this too is intended to be used as a learning tool with one of my Unreal Engine 4 tutorials)

Package content

Click the download-button to get the .zip:


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