Skeletal Mesh

Free skeletal mesh download you can modify and try out however you want:

KillerDrone Mesh Pack

[Tested with Unreal Engine 4 vrs. 4.9]


Included content:

1 KillerDrone .blend (a Blender 3D file)
1 KillerDrone skeletal mesh .fbx (to use in Unreal Engine – tested wih UE4 version 4.5)
2 KillerDrone_UV .png files:
– 1 Clean UV Map you can paint from scratch
– 1 UV Map which is the texture currently on the KillerDrone
1 KillerDrone_UV .xcf (GIMP image file) with both of the UV maps layered, so you can
simply jump in and change the texture right away.

Content in the .zip file
Content in the .zip file


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