Pickups, Items, Weapons

Pickups and weapons

UE4 Tutorial | Use Keycard to Unlock Door

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a pickup that enables the player to make a change to something in the game – as long as the player has the pickup, like a key to unlock a door, for example.

If you want to know how to make sure the player has to gather more than one item in order to unlock the door/toggle visibility/whatever, then watch the follow-up tutorial here:

UE4 Tutorial | Use 2 (or more) Keycards to Unlock 1 Door

In this follow-up tutorial you’ll learn how to use 2 or more items in order to make a change in the game, like forcing the Player to gather 2 keys in order to open 1 door.

UE4 Blueprint Class Tutorial | Refill Healthbar with a Health Pick-Up

Now we’ll look at how to create a pick up / power-up which replenishes the Player’s health, based on the healthbar system we created in the previous tutorial.

Also, you’ll find the static mesh and sound effect I’m using in the Downloadable Content section on this site.

Super Jump Pick Up

In this tutorial I walk you through one of the many ways to create a super jump pick-up.

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