Blender Game – “Super System 2012” – Showcase

The site is slowly growing, and I have now put up the first game on the My Game Projects page, which is “Süper Sistem 2012” (yeah, the funky spelling is just for the lulz of it). This is a Blender game.

Title Screen
Title Screen

In this version of the game we’ve created levels 1 to 6, but none of them are finished. Screens inbetween the levels are also implemented. Originally, we added music to all the levels, titlescreens and sound FX to almost everything in the game, but it began lagging waaay too much, so we had to drop it. However, I’m certain it is fully possible to add anything one wants, but then I guess one must learn how to cook games in Blender, implement loading sequences etc.

blender game - level 2
Screenshot – Level 2


blender game - level completed
Screenshot of the Level 4 Completed screen

For screenshots of all the levels, some information about the game + a couple of videos, click here to visit the game’s page – or, you know, click any of the pictures here to be instantly teleported there.

Have a great day!

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