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Unreal Dev Projects Showcase and Feedback is a video series where game creators in the process of creating games (or apps) can send me their unfinished (or finished) projects. I’ll create a video like this, playing the game while giving suggestions and enjoying what’s good.

If you want your dev project featured in this series, then follow the guidelines in THIS video. There you’ll also find the email address to use.

Game developer showcase and feedback videos

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LitRPG Reads: Enter the Game

Paul Bellow
Developer’s YouTube
Developer’s Website
Paul Bellow’s LitRPG books on Amazon

Project name: LitRPG Reads: Enter the Game
Genre: ARPG

Game description: LitRPG Reads: Enter the Game

Ever wonder what it would be like to be trapped in an RPG? Now you can find out!
This LitRPG-themed ARPG has you playing a mild-mannered gamer who finds himself trapped in a game! Can you survive and find your way out?
On your meta adventure, you can collect dice to modify your equipment, craft weapons, mix potions, find LitRPG books, and a whole lot more.
You ARE the chosen one, and you WILL escape this game.
The dragon can’t beat you forever. Right?

Developer about the game:
1) What’s your background in game design – or why did you start creating this game?

Well, I created a Zork clone (written in Basic) back in the 80s, but other than that I don’t have a background in game design other than playing them and writing about them for many years. I started LitRPG Reads: Enter the Game after helping with narrative design for the Gearstorm game this summer. I originally had an idea to do a “clicker game” centered around LitRPG, but it soon evolved into the action RPG as I realized the power of Unreal Engine 4.

2) How long have you been working in UE4?

I downloaded it this August, I believe. Over the summer, I’ve put in over 700 hours into learning the software and putting together my game. I’ve had to teach myself everything from landscapes to materials to textures to animation and so on. I do believe your tuts have helped me on more than one occasion!

3) What do you hope to achieve with this game?

First, I hope people have fun and maybe smile once or twice. Beyond that, I want to introduce even more gamers to the LitRPG book genre.

4) What have you yourself created – meshes, characters, textures, sounds/music, etc. – and what is created by other people created / bought from asset stores?

As an early user of the internet, I’ve always been more of a generalist rather than someone who specializes in one thing. Back in the early days, so few people understood the web that those who did usually had to know a little bit about a lot of different areas. That history really helped me put together this project, I think.

While I didn’t create any assets myself, I learned how to put them all together to make a game. The majority of LitRPG Reads: Enter the Game is made up of assets from the Unreal Marketplace (sometimes held together with duct tape!) Small smile. In all seriousness, I’m not really a game “designer” or “coder” or “artist” but rather a person with a little bit of knowledge in those areas, enough to put it together as a cohesive whole. That said, I did modify or “hack” some of the blueprint assets I’m using for the project. I did have to do a bit of customization and changing of a few things to get them to work together better.

All told, I’ve spent around $600+ on the project, not including my time. While it was more difficult using assets and not having them designed especially for this game, I’ve enjoyed the process of buying things others have created and meshing them into a new cohesive whole. Buying assets on the marketplace allowed me to quickly prototype a game and finish it, something that might’ve taken me a year or more to do on my own.

5) Anything else?

Thanks for taking the time to do this! I’ve put my heart and soul into this game, and I’m super nervous (and excited) about launching. Other than that… Long Live LitRPG! 😉


Greg / Budget Labs
Developer’s YouTube: ?

Project name: SPITE
Genre: Third-Person Shooter | Wavebased Zombie-killer

Developer about the game: third person game….
spite is like a mix of cod zombies /doom… its a wave based game with ammo spawners and guns to pickup health kits and stuff controller friendly too… thanks again man go for the assault rifles and jack those points up.. i’m currently working on a leaderboard! thanks again I’m Using UE4.19

Begone 2.0 (Remake / Fangame)

Stefan Nikolich
Developer’s YouTube channel

Project name: Begone 2.0 (Remake / Fangame)
Genre: FPS / TPS

Developer about the game: My name is Stefan and i’m 17 years old, i’m working alone on a game that is basically a re make/made of an old game that I used to play called Begone. The game is currently in its very early stages of development (Pre-Alpha).
But there is gameplay! there are bots,guns,round system and more!

The purpose of this game is to be Arcade like game with multiplayer.
With many many fun game modes! Like: One in the chamber from COD,TDM,search and destroy,gun game, and a lot more!

About the assests and whats mine and whats not:
New first person hands model and animations are all by me including textures.
All hud work is by me.
Guns: Pistol,MP5,New Shotgun model,Sniper. Are not by me and are from free models websites (I don’t remember the exact names)
Music is not by me and it is copyrighted, so lowering the music volume through the game’s options menu is recommended.

I’m currently working on a multiplayer version and its going very well, hopefully I will be able to finish some sort of a “beta” version test next month.

Negative Type

Nikola (ROD Interactive)
Developer’s website: rodinteractive.com

Project name: Negative Type
Genre: Third-Person Shooter Horror

Developer about the game: Negative Type is a survival horror third person shooter game that is retrieving the old school style and merging it with modern one.
A member of Unit for Special Operations have been sent to intervene in an “abandoned” apartment where he suspects a bio-terrorist is hiding.

Some assets are bought, some are original like characters for example (Which is important). Music was being made by me. Controls are all showed in options.

Night and Day

Jere Hiiri
Developer’s website: ?

Project name: Night and Day
Genre: 2D/3D Platformer

Developer about the game: Digitally hand drawn 2D sprite game in 3D environment. Few very crude cutscenes to present minimal amount of story for now. Adventuring, (in future a lot more as we get to more fantasy biased environment) metroidvania style Nordic mythology gameplay with powerups.
Autosave is done at a change of every “screen/room”.

Future developments are in progress as sketches of night version of the stage where you play as Hati have been drawn, combat mechanics for fast paced 2D action are next thing. Few different types of enemies, some basic ranged enemies and smaller melee enemies with a stronger boss. Sköll based levels are mostly done to avoid enemies as the “Night” you play as is weak in the light. Hati in the other hand is the sun in the night that can destroy all the spawns of moon/darkness are presented to him. Sketches of complicated hell stage are also scribbled for next Sköll stage with new power ups and a large vertical and horizontal map design which is more supported by the fantasy element of the stage (can have verticality other than mountains)

Some UMG widgets had some problems with displaying text etc sometimes. There might be few bugs on later stages of the level that are undergoing some maintenance, but as the game autosaves with every change of “room/space” if encountered a problem through menu and continue ,if dying is not possibility, is a good idea.

This game is also developed android platforms in mind, room/space changing is a way to keep high quality details and animations in levels without overwhelming the platform. For now only PC version is in the format that I dare to send as the android version is having some critical errors here and there.

Nine to Five

Brad / Smart Gamer AU
Developer’s website: ?

Project name: Nine To Five
Genre: “Office simulator” / Strategy

The developer about the game: The game (or just the prototype) is a time management “Office Simulator”. You take control of a small sales office and need to control staff, sales, supplies and general house keeping to make maximum profit before the end of the games “30 day period”.


Nizar Shawwa
Developer’s website: ?

Project name: Nizophiles
Genre: 2D / 3D Platformer

The developer about the game: Nizophiles is a 2D/3D platformer game that takes place in my college a leading private educational institute in my region. The idea was to create an identical environment to my college and insert enemies in it. additionally, basic NPC interaction was implemented. The game transcends into Fantasy-like realms after you finish the main prologue that takes place in my college.

Game features:
– (MY SELF :D) as the playable character.
– 3D Model of my College
– Terrain
– Score system
– loot (Coins and Health)
– Magnetic coins
– Platforms
– Transitions (Swapping in and out of different planes)
– Wall Jumping
– Ranged attack / Melee Attack
– Tutorial level
– Some self made sound effects
– Its own distinctive logo and interface style
and more…

Random boring technical details:
I inserted my self into Unreal Engine by recording my self doing some actions in front of a Chromakey. Using Adobe After Effects I cut my self out and applied some visual effects and finally rendered my self as a .PNG sequence. – Which was then used as sprites/flipbooks in Unreal Engine later.

A friend of mine made the sound effects that the enemies produce when they get hit/die, her voice was modified into being high-pitched to make it sound squeaky and cute. This includes the “Woosh” sound effect when the main character does the dash action. The “Akh and iie” are native hurt indicating sounds in our region. 😛

The transition effect was done by taking 2 screenshots (In) and (out). Those 2 pictures are then taken to Adobe After Effects where I animate it into a Zoon-in/out style effect, then I render it as an MP4 video. This video gets imported to Unreal Engine, and I insert it into a Widget that covers the whole screen, which gets triggered once the character presses “E” to enter or exit the specific location. I know its flawed and its not the most practical way of doing this, but it was kinda cool lel. meanwhile the character simply just gets teleported to another identical but different location while the 1 second video plays on the screen.

The specific places that the camera Zooms in from, are done by utilizing the spring component in the camera. I use a Cone shaped blocking volume that the camera spring gradually collides with. Creating a seamless smooth zoom in/out effects in specific areas. I do unconventional things, I know. but I thought it was kinda smart. since I dont have to code it and make a lerp movement for the camera.

“The Field”

Heath Graton
Developer’s website

Project name: The Field
Genre: Survival Horror

The developer about the game: The game itself, The Field, is an ‘indie horror experience’ LOL

The setting is an old New England farm, your friends invite you to explore a corn maze with them that they heard about. However, you arrive a bit late, and they have already entered the corn maze. The farm has had a checkered past, including untimely deaths, disappearances, and foreclosures. Ever since the late 1800’s, no one has been able to hold on to the property for more than a few years. The latest family to buy the farm opened a corn maze as a way to make a little extra money. People have reported strange occurrences associated with the corn field, feeling ‘a presence’ when walking in the field, and one woman stated that she could ‘hear the field breathing’.

Game controls are standard WASD, E is interact, and F is flashlight in case you need it.

A lot of the texturing isn’t done, as well as the ‘ending’ and many other things haha. So much work to making a game! LOL
Please let me know if you need me to resend it or anything, never done this before.

The credits aren’t done yet, but I want to give credit to Kevin MacLeod for Penumbra, which is the in game music, as well as to
Komiku for the beautiful song Time, that I use in the main menu. Amazing work!

4 in 1 | Aeternum, Scout Revelations, DUO 33, Physics Playground

00:00 – This video’s game nr.1: Physics Playground
Developer: Ali Khalid

Developer’s website: http://www.indiedb.com/games/physics-playground

Project name: Physics Playground
Genre: FPS Sandbox

The developer about the game: This is a game where you control physics, using no Maths or calculations. You are a Physics Robot, that manipulate Physics, that escaped from “Robotics Space Program”. You where made for people to travel to space and other planets as fast as possible, you escaped from their lab and somehow stumbled into a small Playground with no games to mess with, the only thing there are in the playground is random shapes and building to mess with… Your objective is to mess with everything you got in the playground…. What can you do in the game:- 1. Slow Time. 2. Warp Physics. 3. Jet towards anything. 4. Shoot Bullets to Push/Destroy Stuff. 5. teleport. 6. Mess with physics. 7. Destroy an asteroid. 8. Jump on Ragdolls. 9. Destroy stuff. and lots more…. This game is not yet released nor fully finished, so be patient….

17:11 – This video’s game nr.2: Aeternum
Developer: Rasmus Carlzén

Developer’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAnGvSbhCH22evAZzcrP1iQ

Project name: Aeternum
Genre: “Zombie Horde”

The developer about the game: There is only one playable level, yet I have only focused on creating the core gameplay, but now I think I can finally make some maps! The biggest issue with this game is getting the difficulty right. I have differed the bullet damage from 40-100 to see what works the best.Me personally enjoy 30dmg, so it takes 4 hits to kill the “Zombies” approaching. But I changed it to 3 so it is challenging but not too hard, I hope. I let my family play test it, and they needed 50 dmg per bullet, but I think you can do a bit better than them 😉 I really hope you enjoy this even though its riddled with flaws. AND WARNING! The music might be VERY loud, so turn down the volume via the windows volume changer. Haven’t figured out how to do a volume slider yet… Also, no story currently hehe.

35:17 – This video’s game nr.3: Scout Revelations
Developer: Arthur Homa

Developer’s website: ?

Project name: Scout Revelations
Genre: “Sci-fi driving-ish”

The developer about the game: The goal to explore the world to gain artifacts to build and defend your base from approaching EVIL A.I.

This is all in very early stage and only some things are partially implemented.

You drive around with a vehicle in a desert, you can scan ( only visuals for now )
for hidden passages and power ups.

The idea is to upgrade your vehicle to be faster, more powerful and easier to steer at some point.

52:25 – This video’s game nr.4: App DUO 33
Developer: Henry

Developer’s website: ?

Project name: Project DUO 33
Genre: Architectural Visualization

The developer about the app: It´s an architecture app that lets you know an apartment and how it would look when you live in it, i would like to do something like this for my work but i´m learning so far.

The features you are going to see are umg and basic hud implementation, blueprints for doors, living room tv and showers. I think thats it, it´s a small project but i think it´s strength lies in the materials work and the cinematic presentation when you launch it. I would like to know your opinion even if you don´t feature it in your youtube channel.


“Hollow Hills”

Nightwolf Games (José Ignacio Rodríguez)

The developer about the game:
What is Hollow Hills? A game that tries to match somehow the original Silent Hills. A Survival Horror game, focus on atmosphere more than just a few scary jumps. Exploration, puzzles and combat. The game tells the history of some guy who is looking for his long lost sister. And, of course, something went terrible wrong at the town.

Game can be played on first person view, or third person view. Player can choose the dificulty level, that means monsters are stronger, you get fewer items and the puzzles will be different. So far you can play up to Town Hall, but the town map it does includes an event if you find the four graffitis.

1) How old are you, and how long have you been developing the game?
I am 38 years old. Well, I started the proyect at the end of my Master, so thats mean December 2015. But that was the very first demo that can be downloaded on IndieDb. Then, I developed a blueprint library to make interaction much easier (you can pick it on Epic Marketpace, its named ISP), so I release a very different version using it: the Hollow Hills Department teaser. At the end of the 2016, I re-started again the game, this time from scratch. No old stuff will be used, apart of some sfx and the general idea. So this release it does contain like two moths of work. Probably less, since I was very busy moving to London on December (I am spanish). So yeah, two months.

2) How long have you been working with UE4 in general?
Since 2015. As I said before, I started a Master Degree at Madrid, for Game Design, so I learn Maya, Zbrush, and UE4. I am in love with UE4 since then.

3) Are you planning to develop this game further?
Yeah, sure. The previous version 0.63 can be download and finished, but as my second game done using UE4 (the very first was done on the Master) it does contain some issues, and I though could be a nice idea to rebuild it from scratch, this time with the help of a team build better maps, voices, etc than just only myself

4) Have you created the components (static meshes, music, whatever) of the game yourself?
Most of the assets are free ones, and bought from Epic Marketplace. Main character and a couple of them are done by my sister-in-law (she is studying design) Music was composed specifically by Peter Witcher. Voices were done by Jeff Winner, maps are being done by Jesús Pérez and aditional models by Mario Martinez.

“Extra Terrestrial Perception”

Anne Wellings

The developer about the game:
This game is one about getting abducted by aliens and experimented on, resulting in phsychic powers, which you use to escape. It is a first person action game.

“In Dark”

Ilknur Mustafazade

The developer about the game:
This project was to mainly get me the basics of the engine, so: basic functions, HUDs and etc.

It’s a sidescroller but it has a little twist to it, it’s set in dark so you’ll have to find your way using ilghts, 🙂 I don’t think i’ve seen anything like it, it has 10 levels currently also


Adam Ahlström

The developer about the game:
No story included but showcasing gameplay features. Only added minimal menu and options to get the game working properly, it will be added properly with the story.

Story to be added:
You are the priest in a church, but what secrets does an old church have? Will you search for the secrets or will you tend to your congregation? Explore, find secrets, listen to your sheep, perform your duties. Or don’t. This is YOUR church!


Nahasat Hossain Nibir

The developer about the game:
Its my life’s first game in UE4.So kept things simple.It’s kinda Arcade(FPS) typo game,you just have to kill those enemies and finish the game.Basically focused on the environment … btw,those robots are really a pain, kinda made it in hard mode, sorry for that 🙂

“Ball Bosster”

Walid Jooma

The developer about the game:
Its not a big game. I just made it for fun. Its a simple Idea.
Just earn points and try to never fall down.
I’m trying to make it as a puzzle game.

“Twin Darkness”

Jamie Mulvaney

The developer about the game:
Twin Darkness is a fully dynamic engaging environment, loaded with key features:

Advanced A.I:
developed and implemented decision trees with advanced audio and sight detection branches ensuring realistic responses.

Dynamic Options Menu: ensuring the game can meet the system for the best performance and graphical output.
Fully engaged 3D environmental assets.

Uniquely designed and developed main character, with advanced passive and active ability options ensuring the player is engaged.

Gameplay/Story designed around the concept of episodic storytelling.

You the player will take the role of Gemini, a young women with a past that is hidden to everyone including herself. As Gemini, you awaken within a facility called Equinox controlled by someone or something truly dark. From there you must uncover the truth, survive what’s been done to you and most importantly escape