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Unreal Developer Showcases

“Unreal Dev Projects Showcase and Feedback” is a video series where game creators in the process of creating games (or apps) can send me their unfinished (or finished) projects. I’ll create a video like this, playing the game while giving suggestions and enjoying what’s good.

If you want your dev project featured in this series, then follow the guidelines in THIS video. There you’ll also find the email address to use.

Game developer showcase and feedback videos in chronological order


“Hollow Hills”

Nightwolf Games (José Ignacio Rodríguez)

The developer about the game:
What is Hollow Hills? A game that tries to match somehow the original Silent Hills. A Survival Horror game, focus on atmosphere more than just a few scary jumps. Exploration, puzzles and combat. The game tells the history of some guy who is looking for his long lost sister. And, of course, something went terrible wrong at the town.

Game can be played on first person view, or third person view. Player can choose the dificulty level, that means monsters are stronger, you get fewer items and the puzzles will be different. So far you can play up to Town Hall, but the town map it does includes an event if you find the four graffitis.

1) How old are you, and how long have you been developing the game?
I am 38 years old. Well, I started the proyect at the end of my Master, so thats mean December 2015. But that was the very first demo that can be downloaded on IndieDb. Then, I developed a blueprint library to make interaction much easier (you can pick it on Epic Marketpace, its named ISP), so I release a very different version using it: the Hollow Hills Department teaser. At the end of the 2016, I re-started again the game, this time from scratch. No old stuff will be used, apart of some sfx and the general idea. So this release it does contain like two moths of work. Probably less, since I was very busy moving to London on December (I am spanish). So yeah, two months.

2) How long have you been working with UE4 in general?
Since 2015. As I said before, I started a Master Degree at Madrid, for Game Design, so I learn Maya, Zbrush, and UE4. I am in love with UE4 since then.

3) Are you planning to develop this game further?
Yeah, sure. The previous version 0.63 can be download and finished, but as my second game done using UE4 (the very first was done on the Master) it does contain some issues, and I though could be a nice idea to rebuild it from scratch, this time with the help of a team build better maps, voices, etc than just only myself

4) Have you created the components (static meshes, music, whatever) of the game yourself?
Most of the assets are free ones, and bought from Epic Marketplace. Main character and a couple of them are done by my sister-in-law (she is studying design) Music was composed specifically by Peter Witcher. Voices were done by Jeff Winner, maps are being done by Jesús Pérez and aditional models by Mario Martinez.

“Extra Terrestrial Perception”

Anne Wellings

The developer about the game:
This game is one about getting abducted by aliens and experimented on, resulting in phsychic powers, which you use to escape. It is a first person action game.

“In Dark”

Ilknur Mustafazade

The developer about the game:
This project was to mainly get me the basics of the engine, so: basic functions, HUDs and etc.

It’s a sidescroller but it has a little twist to it, it’s set in dark so you’ll have to find your way using ilghts, 🙂 I don’t think i’ve seen anything like it, it has 10 levels currently also


Adam Ahlström

The developer about the game:
No story included but showcasing gameplay features. Only added minimal menu and options to get the game working properly, it will be added properly with the story.

Story to be added:
You are the priest in a church, but what secrets does an old church have? Will you search for the secrets or will you tend to your congregation? Explore, find secrets, listen to your sheep, perform your duties. Or don’t. This is YOUR church!


Nahasat Hossain Nibir

The developer about the game:
Its my life’s first game in UE4.So kept things simple.It’s kinda Arcade(FPS) typo game,you just have to kill those enemies and finish the game.Basically focused on the environment … btw,those robots are really a pain, kinda made it in hard mode, sorry for that 🙂

“Ball Bosster”

Walid Jooma

The developer about the game:
Its not a big game. I just made it for fun. Its a simple Idea.
Just earn points and try to never fall down.
I’m trying to make it as a puzzle game.

“Twin Darkness”

Jamie Mulvaney

The developer about the game:
Twin Darkness is a fully dynamic engaging environment, loaded with key features:

Advanced A.I:
developed and implemented decision trees with advanced audio and sight detection branches ensuring realistic responses.

Dynamic Options Menu: ensuring the game can meet the system for the best performance and graphical output.
Fully engaged 3D environmental assets.

Uniquely designed and developed main character, with advanced passive and active ability options ensuring the player is engaged.

Gameplay/Story designed around the concept of episodic storytelling.

You the player will take the role of Gemini, a young women with a past that is hidden to everyone including herself. As Gemini, you awaken within a facility called Equinox controlled by someone or something truly dark. From there you must uncover the truth, survive what’s been done to you and most importantly escape