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Tutorials dealing with Unreal Engine 4 and Level Blueprint.
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UE4 Tutorial | Use Array to Create a Shooting Range

In this Unreal Engine 4 Level Blueprint tutorial we’ll create a simple shooting range/target practice by spawning targets at random points with the use of Array.

UE4 Tutorial | Auto-Spawn Targets with Tags and Timer

In this Unreal Engine 4 Level Blueprint tutorial we’ll look at how to automatically spawn targets (or other elements) with a timer by getting their tags, after initiating the spawning cycle by pressing a key.
This is a continuation of the tutorial above, “Use Array to Create a Shoothing Range”.

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial – Restart Level when Player Dies

In this UE4 Level Blueprint tutorial we look at one way to make the level restart / Player respawn after it dies.

UE4 Tutorial | Cutscenes with 2 Cameras + Animated Objects

In this Unreal Engine 4 Matinee tutorial we’ll look at how to create a cutscene with to different shots/views + a couple of moving objects (“enemies”).
The enemy mesh I’m using can be downloaded HERE

UE4 Tutorial | Open Close Door with a Trigger and Cinematics Sequencer

In this Unreal Engine 4 Sequencer / Level Blueprint tutorial, we’ll look at how to easily create a door that automatically opens and closes when the Player enters a trigger box. The animation of the door is done with the cinematics sequencer.

The sound effects and wall assets used in this tutorial are available on my store on Game Dev Central, and can be downloaded HERE

Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints Tutorial – Open Close Door with Triggers and Matinee 

UE4 Matinee tutorial: Learn how to create an animated door you can automatically turn on and off with two triggers by standing close to them. However, if you would rather want to open the doors by physically pushing a key on the keyboard, then check the video under this one.

The written Open Close Door-tutorial can be found HERE.

Press Button to Open Door or Play Animation

This is a follow-up of the tutorial above. This time I show you how to open the door (or, you know, play any animation) by pushing a key when close enough, while in the previous tutorial I showed you how to trigger the doors to open automatically when standing close enough.

UE4 Blueprints Tutorial – Crushing Wall / Ceiling Trap

In this video I bring you along while I’m creating a crushing ceiling trap that kills the player and restarts the level.

Trigger and Animate Elevator

An easy way to create a trigger that automatically calls an animated in-game elevator when you’re close enough to it. It’s basically the same procedure as with the open / close door. Thus, if you want to activate the elevator by pushing a button, then you’ll learn one way of doing it in the “Press Button to Open Door or Play Animation”-tutorial above.

Output Message to Screen + Modify Sound

In this tutorial I’m taking a look at how to display a simple text message on the screen when hitting a trigger, and also how to change the pitch on added sound.

The written Output Message to Sceen-tutorial can be found HERE.


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