GIMP Tutorial – How To Create an Animated GIF

GIMP Tutorial – How To Create an Animated GIF

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In this short and easy tutorial, I’ll quickly show you how to create an animated .gif file you can put up on your website or wherever, like the one above.

Surely, as with everything, there are multiple ways of doing this, but I’ll tell you my way.


To begin with, I created the 3D text you see above in Blender, and then animated it so the beginning and end blended seamlessly. Then I rendered it out, and the entire animation became an image sequence of 27 frames:

Image Animation Sequence

If you’d like to know how to animate 3D text like this in Blender, then watch this video tutorial:

Of course, you don’t need Blender in order to end up with a few animated frames, but I enjoy using it.


Next step is to open the image sequence in Gimp, which is my preferred (free!) image editing software. When doing so, open Gimp, go to

File -> Open As Layers… -> Select the entire image sequence, and Open

All the images will now be layered in the editor, like this:

Layered Image Sequence in GIMP


To make sure the animation looks right, go to

Filters -> Animation -> Playback…

If it looks good, which it should if your image sequence is good, then you’re ready for the last step.


If you have the newest version of GIMP, you’ll go to

File -> Export As…

If you have an older version, it will probably be enough to go to

File -> Save As…

Then locate the folder you want to save the file in, give it a name and end the name with .gif. For example


Now click Export and this dialog box will pop up:

Export Animated gif in Gimp

The most important parts to remember is to check As animation and, I guess, Loop forever. When this is done, you’ll end up with a result like the one at the top of this tutorial post.

And here’s the video version of the tutorial:

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  1. hi ben. what happens if at step 3, the animation playback doesn’t look good? what is happening for me, is that every frame of my animation is staying visible. so instead of it moving through the sequence & showing one image then the other, it keeps each one showing & instead of the animated text, i get a pile of black.

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