UDK Tutorial – Movie Material with Bink in 5 Steps

Movie Material with Bink in 5 Steps (using RAD Video Tools)

1. Open the movie file you’d like to convert to bink format, and click the “Bink it!” button.

bink it

2. In UDK, set up the static mesh you’d like to have a movie material on zithromax pills 250mg.

static mesh

3. Import the .bink video into the Content Browser.

import to content browser

4. Create a new material using the video file. Connect the texture sample to “Diffuse”, and to “Emissive” if you want it to be self-illuminated.

new material

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5. Drag the newly created material onto the static mesh, and enjoy your in-game movie.

movie material



And here’s the video tutorial, if you’d rather like to follow the process nano-inch-by-nano-inch:

This video is now added in the UDK Tutorials page, in the Textures & Materials section.

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