Flash Tutorial – Import Image Sequence and Export as Movie

Import Image Sequence and Export as Movie

Just uploaded a new tutorial for newbies. This one in Adobe Flash CS5. Let’s say you’ve just created an animation video in Blender consisting of only .png images. Now you need to assemble these in order to actually get a movie out of ’em. Let’s further say you don’t have the preferred software for such an operation, which would be After Effects or Premier, but you¬†do have Flash. This is my current situation. Now, I was really happy to find out Flash actually could do this, even though it’s pretty limited when it comes to dealing with lots of high quality images. For example, I experienced that if I imported more than 3-400 images, Flash crashed. It’s just not meant for such huge operations (which After Effects or Premier are). Therefore, when I’ve rendered out a 2000 frames long video clip from Blender, I need to split it up into, let’s say, 8 batches consisting of 250 images each, and export each one of them as separate video clips. Then finally assemble them in a video editing software. It can get a bit tedious, but it’s a lot better than nothing. So, here’s a tutorial on how to import image sequences and export them as .avi movies:

This video is now added in the Various Tutorials page, in the Adobe Flash CS5 section.

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