The blueprints section has now been split in two: One for Level Blueprints, and one for Blueprint Classes. Hover your mouse over the Blueprints-tab and choose the one you’d like to check out – or just simply click the respective names in bold 😉

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2 Replies to “Blueprints”

  1. Pretty good tutorials. I’m still learning UE4, to the point, when I understand something, a new and better version comes out (lol). Wish I could find good and simple tutorial with UMG for play / load&save (on different levels) / exit the game.

    • Hi Daniel,

      thanks! I don’t know if it has enough functionality for you, but last night I created a tutorial on how to create a simple main menu with 3 buttons (Start Level 1, Load Level 2, and Quit Game) + quickly showing how to give the buttons different colors and sounds when hovering the mouse cursor over them and pressing. Check it HERE if you think it might be helpful 🙂

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