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Blender Game

Title Screen
Title Screen

“Süper Sistem 2012” – vrs. 1.8

In this version of the game we’ve created levels 1 to 6, but none of them are finished. Screens inbetween the levels are also implemented. Originally, we added music to all the levels, titlescreens and sound FX to almost everything in the game, but it began lagging waaay too much, so we had to drop it. However, I’m certain it is fully possible to add anything one wants, but then I guess one must learn how to cook games in Blender, implement loading sequences etc. Since I’m pretty new to Blender, these elements must come at a later point in time.

We might export the entire game to UDK or Unity once it’s done.

If anyone wants to test version 1.8, then just drop me a message and I’ll send you the blend.file. We’d love to get some constructive feedback.

And oh, sorry for the lagging in the video – it’s because of the screen recorder. The game itself is super-smooth.

By the way, this is an extremely difficult game, so that’s why I die so much in the video. If you get tired of the dying and want to see the other levels, simply skip ahead!


“Süper Sistem 2012” – vrs. 0.8

This is the game after about 15 hours of development. The framework for the first couple of levels is more or less complete as far as the design goes.
The models and textures or not finished, neither are the collisions, sound effects or music.
At a later stage we’ll implement a point system, a bonus level feature, and a high score table to spice things up.



Level 1:

blender game - level 1


Level 2:

blender game - level 2


Level 3:

blender game - level 3


Level 4:

blender game - level 4


Level 5:

blender game - level 5


Level 6:

blender game - level 6


There were a couple more levels created, but for some reason the saved files containing them mystically disappeared one day. To be honest, that was what killed this game. Neither I nor my friend had enough oomph to continue creating it after they vanished. That’s how it goes. At least it was fun while it lasted, hah.

blender game - level completed

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