Unreal Android School

Unreal Android School

Here the Unreal Android App Development School will open!

Somewhere in the twilight between 2016 / 2017 I will launch an android app learning program
where the focus is to create a mobile application from utter beginning to finished
smartphone-friendly app with nothing but Unreal Engine 4.

This will be an exclusive program with limited spots - around 100-150 students max
per batch - simply because I am only one teacher, and have no way of being able to assist
more students than that at one time. Thus, with limited spots I will be able to provide
the best possible experience for the students while they are studying the course.

If you take your learning seriously and want to know when the program opens,
then make sure to fill in your email address for the UnrealTutorials.com newsletter:

Surely, you can also contact me on my YouTube-channel to know more about this program,
while it is being created. Hope to see all the most eager students there when the time comes!

Have a great day,

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